About BioBasics

We are a group of osteopaths who met on Werner Van Camp’s Swiss Osteopathic Center for Kids (SOCK) courses. Most of us have also completed a lot of Dr Jealous’ biodynamic phase courses. Following in the traditions of Osteopathy we created a study group together called “Be Still and Enjoy”, and through this we will work to improve and increase our understanding of our beautiful profession – hence we are doing a BioBasics course.

Osteopathic odyssey

BioBasics courses first began in the States in 1978 when osteopaths, who were studying the teachings of Dr James Jealous in the biodynamic field, held courses for undergraduate students, to give them a sense of support and solidarity from the greater osteopathic community.

The objective of all BioBasics courses is to create a safe space for osteopaths and osteopathic students to explore and expand their perceptual experiences and to become part of a global family who will encourage and guide them throughout their osteopathic odyssey (www.biodo.com/biobasics-courses).

The courses are great fun and bring together an eclectic mix of osteopaths, from the very experienced to those who are still studying, but who all have the same desire – to sense and experience the beautiful things that Dr Still and Dr Sutherland taught and wrote about.

Homage to Dr Still

None of our study group are being paid in any way to put on this BioBasics course – this helps to keep the costs for the students as low as possible – only 250 euros –  and allows us to serve the osteopathic community in homage to Dr Still, who served it selflessly throughout his life.

During the weekend there will be a mix of lectures and hands-on practicals. In the practicals, the table trainers will offer you hands-on assistance and answer your questions . There will be one tutor per 1 or 2 tables.

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We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole

Dr. Still

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