Hi there!
I am very happy to be part of this osteopathic family. Learning the biodynamic principles with Werner Van Camp gave my osteopathic approach a huge benefit. I truly love how exploring those principles in daily life effects myself and the treatments in my office. Besides Osteopathy I practice Daoism, learning from the Masters and Grandmasters in Taiwan. I am completely fascinated by the fact that we face the same principles there. Using different words and symbols and approaches, the essence stays the same. Now Daoism is thousands of years old, yet they do not have created a therapeutic method that compares to Osteopathy. The longer I study our wonderful profession, the more humble and thankful I seem to become. It is a never ending story of learning, a perceptual journey that enriches our lives in a purely beautiful way.
I´d like to encourage any Osteopath to join us and share a few steps on that journey.
Catch a ride!